The Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP) is a public enterprise established in terms of the Royal Science and Technology Park Act No. 5 of 2012. The organisation is the hub for stimulating a knowledge based economy in the Kingdom of Swaziland and this is achieved by facilitating:

  • Research and technology transfer;

  • Technology “know how” and entrepreneurship;

  • Manufacturing of biotechnology and ICT products; and

  • Provision of IT based business solutions.

The business incubation service enables innovators to translate technology based concepts into market-ready products and services. In addition, it removes barriers to entrepreneurship and market access, enables start-ups to survive the most vulnerable stage of the business cycle and gives legitimacy to new businesses.

What Do We Offer?

  • Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Business Development Services

  • Fund Raising Support

  • Technical Support

Target Clients

For a business to qualify for incubation:

  • It must have an innovation that can be protected.
  • It must be a solution to a pain point (product should solve a problem for prospects).
  • It should be required by specific customers (prospect should be willing to solve the problem and has potential to buy the product).
  • It should have potential to generate recurring revenue (predictable and expected to continue in the future).
  • It should have potential to be a scalable business (company with ability to grow without being hampered by the company’s structure or available resources / company that can maintain or improve profit margins while sales volume increases).

To be admitted into the incubator, a start-up must be involved in the production of or improvement of a product or service or technique to solve a problem that specific customers or users are willing to pay for. This can be achieved through one or a combination of the following:

  • Pioneering a truly innovative product or method (new or significant improvement of an existing one);
  • Devising a new business model;
  • Creating a better or cheaper version of an existing product;
  • Targeting an existing product to new sets of customers.

Our services provide Clients with the following principal benefits:

  • Low overheads at the early stage of the start-up cycle because of shared and subsidized facilities and services. This enables start-ups to direct resources to the development of the innovation and business.
  • Acquisition of technical and business know-how which prevents start-ups from making mistakes that can lead to technology and business failure.
  • Legitimacy by associating with and being promoted by the RSTP which leads to market access for the start-ups. Legitimacy can also attract financiers and collaborators.

Our Team

Management & Key Staff:

Mr. Vumile Dlamini

Chief Executive Officer

Incubation Manager

Ms. Sanelisiwe Mkhwanazi

Advisory Officer

Selection Committee:

Fin. Director (Ret’d.)

Partner at Magagula & Hlophe Attorneys

Attorney, Royal Science and Technology Park

Entrepreneur, Director at Mormond Electrical

Incubation Manager, ITBI Swaziland

Entrepreneur, Director at Intrepid Innovations

Entrepreneur, Managing Director at Ning Group Holdings