Ematfuba Ami Program

A total of 1400 students in universities and colleges all over Eswatini will receive capacity building each year.
A total of 300 students will be selected and capacitated leading to a Selection of 8 participants or companies.
A total of 8 student-led companies will be admitted to the RSTP business incubator and awarded with cash

The Leadership Program for Entrepreneurs & Employees

The Leadership Program for Entrepreneurs & Employees runs from 24th September to 10th October 2020. Saul Hernandes, the Trainer, says that any unplanned event or change causes uncertainty, hence, entrepreneurship and general life is filled with uncertainty. So, it is important for any person to learn to sync feelings, perceptions and thoughts in order to prevent anxiety and stress. The biological process focuses on one side i.e. seeking certainty when an event or change occurs and this causes anxiety for the entrepreneur and team. The leadership skill is developed when a person learns to handle events or change from the other side which entails acquiring knowledge and resources in order to manage or lead change with a goal to reduce uncertainty and contribute to others.

Saul has founded nine companies and worked internationally as a digital marketing transformation leader, technology adoption consultant, and head of innovation programs across the U.S., Europe and Latin America. He is a regular speaker and has lectured in educational institutions in Mexico, Miami, and San Francisco.

Annual Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Conference

The Annual Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference which takes place
over two days was first introduced in 2017. It was launched by the former Minister of
Information, Communication and Technology, Mr Dumsani Ndlangamandla. The objectives
of the Conference are to:
(i) Develop the entrepreneurial capacity of participants;
(ii) Create market opportunities for start-ups and SMEs;
(iii) Connect startups and SMEs with industry experts and business executives
for advice and/or mentoring; and
(iv) Stimulate innovation and investment in start-ups in the country.
The number of participants increased from 100 in the first year to 360 in 2018. In 2017, the
Technology and Innovation Agency which is a public entity of the Republic of South Africa
sponsored a Guest Speaker while Angelique International Limited provided a consultant
from a business incubator in India. The speakers delivered various presentations on what it
takes to create a start-up culture and innovative society.
In 2018, the Conference was officially opened by the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of
Information and Communications Technology, Mr Maxwell Masuku, who was representing
Her Royal Highness Inkhosatana Sikhanyiso the Minister of Information, Communication
and Technology. The distinguished speakers from the private sector who shared their
experiences in starting and running businesses were complemented by speakers from the
United Nations Development Programme and the Delegation of the European Union to
Eswatini complemented. The following companies partnered with RSTP as exhibitors and
also delivered presentations on services that are relevant to small enterprises: Eswatini Stock
Exchange; MTN Eswatini; Standard Bank; National Industrial Development Company of
Eswatini; Inhlanyelo Fund; Financial Services Regulatory Authority; and Eswatini
Development Finance Corporation.