A total of 300 students in universities and colleges all over Eswatini will receive capacity building each year. A total of 8 companies will be selected and incubated by RSTP and a total of 4 student-led companies will receive seed capital of E23, 000.00 each.

The aim is to:

  1. To increase the number of participants in innovation and entrepreneurship among students or the youth in universities and colleges.
  2. To increase the readiness of youth-led businesses for incubation programs, access to financial services and market penetration.
  3. To increase the contribution of youth-led businesses to employment generation and economic growth.
  1. A start-up (incorporated or not) founded by an individual or team of students with each person aged 18 years or above. RSTP provides company registration services.
  2. A startup must have a business idea or operating business in any of the following sectors:
    • ICT and Engineering;
    • Biotechnology;
    • Agriculture and food;
    • Climate adaptation and environment.

Participants will have access to the following:

  • Co- working space and amenities;
  • Capacity building and access to networks – training, advisory services and mentorship;
  • Business facilitation – company registration services and market access support;
  • Intellectual property protection services;
  • Legal services; and
  • Fundraising

Up to E92, 000.00 seed capital grant

  1. Relevance – A demonstration that the proposed solution addresses a real problem faced by the people of Eswatini or presents an opportunity.
  2. Innovation/Originality – A demonstration that the proposed solution is new or is an improvement of an existing solution in the market.
  3. Proof of concept or prototype – Idea that is supported by adequate technical research and a feasible methodology that will lead to an experimental proof of concept or prototype of the solution which can be used to demonstrate the features to the customer or market-ready solutions.
  4. Founder(s) or team strength – Founder(s) and teams must have a long-term vision for the innovation/business, a strong work ethic, be teachable and willing to improve the technical and business know-how. They must demonstrate evidence of basic skills to develop the solution. At least one of the founders must work for the start-up on a full-time basis.
  5. Proof of market attractiveness and product opportunity (market research) – A clear description of the market characteristics and customers and research that confirms that the product or service will fill a gap and evidence of understanding of competitor positions, advantages, disadvantages and potential response of competitors to the proposed product or service.