The Leadership Program for Entrepreneurs & Employees

The Leadership Program for Entrepreneurs & Employees runs from 24th September to 10th October 2020. Saul Hernandes, the Trainer, says that any unplanned event or change causes uncertainty, hence, entrepreneurship and general life is filled with uncertainty. So, it is important for any person to learn to sync feelings, perceptions and thoughts in order to prevent anxiety and stress. The biological process focuses on one side i.e. seeking certainty when an event or change occurs and this causes anxiety for the entrepreneur and team. The leadership skill is developed when a person learns to handle events or change from the other side which entails acquiring knowledge and resources in order to manage or lead change with a goal to reduce uncertainty and contribute to others.

Saul has founded nine companies and worked internationally as a digital marketing transformation leader, technology adoption consultant, and head of innovation programs across the U.S., Europe and Latin America. He is a regular speaker and has lectured in educational institutions in Mexico, Miami, and San Francisco.