Our Services Portfolio

I. Facilities & Infrastructure:

  • All of our Clients are provided access to ITBI’s state-of-the-art office and meeting room space in Phocweni.
  • All of our facilities are fully furnished and equipped to meet the day-to-day needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and IT startups.
  • ITBI provides high-speed internet service (both LAN and Wi-Fi) to all of its Clients.
  • In addition, all our Clients are provided secure storage space for their files and data in our digital file repository.
  • ITBI’s Clients have access to the most modern office equipment, including high-capacity printer, scanner, photocopier and plotter.
  • In addition, Clients can benefit from the use of our video-conferencing facility featuring a big-screen TV, projector and panaboard.
  • We provide advice, guidance and training on secretarial and administrative services – including bookkeeping – to ensure our Clients do not lose track of their support functions and activities while conducting their core business.

II. Business Development Services:

  • All of our Clients benefit from our sizeable network of on-site and off-site experts, who provide guidance and advice to young IT businesses across a variety of complex fields.
  • ITBI assists its Clients with the design and implementation of marketing and branding strategies for their products/services, both in the online and offline environment.
  • The ITBI community provides excellent opportunities for networking and mentoring across a variety of sectors.
  • We organize numerous events throughout every year to connect our Clients with key players in their respective fields.
  • We provide a comprehensive set of legal services, including services related to business incorporation, reporting and compliance.
  • Our goal is always to make sure that our Clients can dedicate their energy first and foremost to their primary business activities.

III. Investment Support Services:

  • We match businesses requiring funding with various categories of investors seeking opportunities.
  • If we find a match, we will connect businesses to the investor(s), while at all times preserving due confidentiality.
  • ITBI provides its Clients with access to its venture capital (VC) partners.
  • Our VC connections span not only Africa, but also the United States and the European Union (EU).
  • ITBI’s Clients have access to our vast network of individual and grouped angel investors in Southern Africa and beyond.
  • We assist Clients with the preparation of grant and tender documents, including technical and financial proposals as well as supplementary documents and forms.

Who May Apply?

An Application for ITBI membership may be submitted by individuals and/or teams whose enterprises are at any one of the following stages of development:

Stage 1:

  • Focus of Stage 1 is on designing the product or service, assembling of core team of key staff and development of a consistent and viable business plan.

Stage 2:
Emerging Company

  • Focus of Stage 2 is on production of prototype, market validation, legal formalisation of the company and development of distribution channels.

Stage 3:

  • Focus of Stage 3 is on growing the number of clients and revenue through marketing and strengthening of distribution channels as well as raising funds.

Stage 4:

  • Companies will generally be incubated until they reach Stage 4 (growth stage), when the enterprise seeks new markets and expands its field of activity.
Applications are evaluated based on a technological, commercial, financial and team strength and should be submitted in form of business model and other elements such as shareholding structure.

Application Milestones

I. Pre-Application Stage

1. Fill Out Pre-Application Form

The Pre-Application Form can be accessed here

2. Describe:

  • Status of venture
  • Innovation being introduced
  • Founding team
  • Investments so far

3. Submit Pre-Application Form

Pre-Application Form can submitted online or by registered mail

4. Does Applicant Qualify for ITBIS' Pre-Incubation Service?

  • ITBI Staff and Management the assesses Pre-Application Form
  • Qualified Applicants are invited to submit a full Application

II. Application Stage

5. Fill Out Application Form

Form is provided only to Applicants eligible for Pre-Incubation Service

6. Application Form Must Include:

  • Customer segments
  • Value proposition
  • Distribution channels
  • Revenue streams
  • Key resources
  • Key partners
  • Customer relationships
  • Intellectual property
  • Shareholding structure
  • Value for customers
  • Other relevant information

7. Submit Application Form

Form can be submitted electronically or by post

8. Pitching of Idea:

  • Selection Committee invites the Applicant to “pitch” his/her idea
  • Selection Committee conducts detailed evaluation of Application based on technological, financial and commercial considerations
  • Committee selects Applicants with innovative ideas

9. Does Applicant qualify for Incubation?

Qualifying Applicants will be granted admission to the ITBI
III. Admission Stage

10. Contracting:

Contract is entered into by ITBI and the Applicant and includes terms and conditions of accessing office space, using equipment, and obtaining consulting assistance from ITBI
IV. Incubation